Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sampson helps with Adopt A Cop program

Police dog Sampson visits with first grade students at Cameron Park Middle School through the Hillsborough Police Department's Adopt A Cop program—and, of course, he's a hit! The program was set up to bring officers into the middle and elementary schools to teach students basic safety and to increase the children's comfort level around police.
Foushee, for example, helped his partner first grade class memorize home addresses.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Around town: The Depot

Check out this new hot spot on Nash Street! Originally opened as an event space, the general store revitalized in April and boasts a variety of items from baked goods to candy to coffee to the wares of local artists. The store also hosts live entertainment, from local bands to open mic nights. For a full event list, see The Depot's website. For more information, see the Wednesday, June 15, edition of the News of Orange.

This feature is part of an occasional ongoing series profiling local businesses downtown and on Nash Street. For more information or to participate,  contact Vanessa at v [dot] shortley [at] newsoforange [dot] com.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Animal shelter holds open house

Orange County Animal Protective Services threw a little party Saturday, June 4, complete with popcorn, face painting and hot dogs. The APS held an open house, encouraging one and all to come look at the many dogs and cats—particularly the plethora of adorable kittens—the shelter has up for adoption.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Partnership Academy graduation

The first-ever graduation ceremony for Partnership Academy was a beautiful, moving experience; the media center at A.L. Stanback Middle School was packed with people supporting the five students who walked in those majestic purple robes at the ceremony.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Pet Pals celebrates one year expanded service

No one can deny the immediate connection between humans and dogs. Wendy Stewart, school social worker at Hillsborough Elementary School and Partnership Academy, capitalized on that bond a few years ago when she first certified her pooch, Ella, as a therapy dog and began bringing her into Partnership. This spring, Wendy's program—dubbed Pet Pals—celebrated its first year using community volunteers (instead of just Wendy's dogs). About 15 volunteers visit five different Orange County schools, watching their canines help children of various ages read and practice social behavior.
For more information, see the Wednesday, June 15, edition of the News of Orange.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hillsborough gets a bus route

The Hillsborough circulator bus route finally kicked into gear Monday, June 6, after conducting a dry run on June 2. The route spans run hour, running for four hours in the morning, four hours in the evening and breaking during the midday. For more information or for the schedule, visit Hillsborough's town website.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Around town—Hillsborough BBQ Company

Hillsborough BBQ Company, located at 236 S. Nash St., opened its doors this spring and prides itself on traditional, wood-smoked barbecue. The restaurant offers a variety of pork, from barbecue to brisket to ribs, as well as a variety of sides. A few of the sides are vegetarian, for the non-meat-eating customers. 
The BBQ joint also features a bar, complete with a variety of beer on tap and fixed with a few flat-screen TVs. For more information, visit the restaurant's website or see the May 25 edition of the News of Orange.

This feature is part of an occasional ongoing series profiling local businesses downtown and on Nash Street. For more information or to participate,  contact Vanessa at v [dot] shortley [at] newsoforange [dot] com.

"Oakleaf Horizon" sculpture sits outside Old Courthouse

As part of the first-ever Hillsborough sculpture tour, "Oakleaf Horizon," a gate adorned with branches and oak leaves, sits outside of the Old Orange County Courthouse. The sculpture tour goes until Sept. 30, when "Oakleaf Horizon"—along with the five other pieces set around town—will be taken down. 
For more information on the sculpture tour, visit the Alliance for Historic Hillsborough's website or the Hillsborough Arts Council's website.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stevens to seek fourth term

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens last night confirmed he plans to seek a fourth term in office. Here's the release he later sent over (it's also posted on his website):

Dear Friends & Fellow Citizens,

It is a privilege to serve as Mayor of Hillsborough, and today I am announcing that I will run for a fourth term.

Six years ago, in my first campaign for elected office, I pledged “to be a passionate spokesperson for this town that is my home,” and to offer “strong leadership so our town board and citizens together can create a vision and action plan for Hillsborough’s future.”

I believe a widely shared vision for our town has emerged, a vision that emphasizes small-town character, celebrating our heritage, sustainable prosperity for folks from all walks of life. We enjoy a vitality and sense of community you can feel walking down the street. We are moving in the right direction. We are taking action to fulfill our vision, as evidenced by new parks, new businesses, and new ways of operating local government - all contributing to our quality of life. A steady stream of local, state, and national attention highlight great things that are “happening” in Hillsborough. Our small town gives us much to be proud of and enjoy.

While we can point to many achievements, we are also facing enormous challenges, as are most communities. In these current times, our resources are strained. More than ever, our decisions have far-reaching impact in shaping our quality of life both in the near future and for generations to come. We must rise to meet our challenges.

It takes many heads, hands, and hearts to preserve the Hillsborough we love while shaping the Hillsborough we envision. As your mayor, I will continue to be a passionate spokesperson for our town and community, and offer seasoned leadership aimed at bringing the efforts of many people together for the benefit of our town.

Tom Stevens

June 13, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the system is down

Hey everyone. We over here at the News of Orange have been without Internet for the last few days. Hopefully, this will be resolved by tomorrow—we've realized just how dependent we've become on the 'net and email. Please be patient with us as we work through this, and if you've got something that needs an immediate response, feel free to give us a ring.