Wednesday, April 28, 2010

blue bayou

Apparently, the Blue Bayou is in a bit of a financial jam and will have to close unless they can raise $4,000. Here's the note we got, unfortunately too late to put in the paper:
 Hello! Well the time has come for the Blue Bayou to say Goodbye unless we can come up with $4000. in donations to stay open. We have some great acts this week trying to help us out:

 Wednesday Apr. 28th Crossover Blues Band w/ Will McFarlane 9 pm $5 Donation to save the Bayou!
 Thursday Apr. 29th Whiskey Trail Outlaws (Rockabilly) 9 pm Free show!
 Friday Apr. 30th ***Delta Moon*** 9:30 pm (Adv $12/14 Dos $14/16)
 Sat. May 1st Jo Gore & the Alternative Video Release Party! 9:00 pm ($6/8)

 If you want to know where the blue bayou stands in the donation pool please visit our website at
 I hope the community can come together to save the Bayou. It's definitely an institution in town!

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