Sunday, May 1, 2011

Local craftsman makes frames by hand

Frames by Edward Wright, a local frame-making shop, crafts pieces by hand—and in a unique way. Artisans work on frames from start to finish rather than working in an assembly-line style. They also mix their own materials. Knowing what's in the materials allows the artisans to undo steps if necessary to tweak a certain finish or fix a mistake, adding more room for creativity and experimentation.
The shop encourages this experimentation in its customers as well. With 200 to 300 samples to choose from, there are enough set styles to satisfy many-an artist. But if you want the gild of this one, the back of that one, the color of another one and the carve of yet another, well, the artisans can make that work!
For more information, see the Wednesday, April 27, edition of the News of Orange.

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