Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pit Bulls in the Park!

Carolina Care Bullies, a nonprofit agency set out to not only rescue pit bulls but to raise awareness of the breed, held the event Pit Bulls in the Park at Fairview Park on Saturday, May 7. Animal Kind and Orange County Animal Shelter also sponsored the event. Staff provided microchips—free for pit bulls and mixes, $10 for all other dogs—an ask-the-trainer booth and free pet supplies such as leashes and collars.
Many folks—and their pups—turned out for the event. For more information, see the Wednesday, May 11, edition of the News of Orange. Also, stay tuned for a feature on fostering dogs.


  1. That is great!!!! I am very proud of you all for everything you have done for all fur babies

  2. I am SO glad that the Orange County News is dedicated to positive Pit Bull media!!

  3. I love what they are doing! I', glad there is a rescue group close by. The breed is a GREAT breed nd just misunderstood by many. The sad thing is that when the bad rap leaves the pit bull it will go to another breed


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