Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Orange County announces appointments to advisory boards and commissions

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, the Orange County Board of Commissioners appointed the following resident volunteers to County advisory boards and commissions:

Volunteer Name Board Name

Ms. Judy Miller Animal Services Advisory Board
Dr. Lynn White Animal Services Advisory Board

Mr. Corey Davis Orange County Board of Health

Dr. May Becker Commission for the Environment
Mr. Jan Sassaman Commission for the Environment
Mr. Gary Saunders Commission for the Environment
Mr. Peter Cada Commission for the Environment
Mr. David Welch Commission for the Environment

Dr. Robert Ireland Historic Preservation Commission

Dr. Tracey Yap Orange County Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee

Congratulations. The Board of Commissioners appreciates your willingness to serve your community.
With more than 30 different boards and commissions, volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners have an opportunity to influence the way of life in Orange County.
For additional volunteer opportunities, check online or call Donna Baker at (919) 245-2130 or Jeanette Jones at (919) 245-2125.

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