Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help this puppy get home safe!

Scarlet, a 4-year-old hound dog cared for by the Berry family of Hillsborough since being rescued as a puppy, tussled with a fox while out on a hike in February—a feat Tamara Berry believes was meant to protect her and her two children, Zack and Jackson.
But since Scarlet was six days late on her rabies shot (the family took one of the kids to the doctor for flu during the scheduled vet time, so Tamara had to reschedule), the dog must be quarantined at a veterinary clinic for six months—at the Berrys' expense. The endeavor will cost the family $4,700. And that in addition to the several thousand dollars it took for Tamara to get rabies shots herself so she could visit Scarlet at her quarantine in Chatham County, where Orange County Animal Control transported the dog.
Both Zack and Jackson, ages 12 and 9 respectively, have offered to get summer jobs to help with finances. Local businesses—such as Cup A Joe, Dual Supply, Webster's Cleaners, Paws on the Corner, Purple Crow Books and Blissful Journey Day Spa—are working to help the family raise money through collection tins.
And you can help too! By visiting the businesses and e-mailing

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