Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Protect yourself from ticks!

Ticks are everywhere in North Carolina, from the deepest, densest woods to even right downtown. And though tick-borne illnesses can be scary things, preventing them is quick and easy.
Tick season stretches from early March to October, though some ticks remain active during the winter months as well. The easiest protection is to wear long clothes, tucking shirt into pants and pants into socks, and performing tick checks.
Even if you do get a tick on you, the important thing is to remove it correctly and as soon as possible. Don't touch it or disturb it for danger of releasing more infected saliva. Use a pair of fine-nosed tweezers to gently grab the tick right by the skin and pull out the direction it went in. Then tape it to a notecard so it can be identified in case of an infection.
If you do get a tick bite, many times nothing happens. If you start getting flu-like symptoms, however—especially if it's not flu season and there's nothing going around—see your doctor and inform them of the tick bite.

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