Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calder-Green / Orange County Schools suit settlement

Though we already ran a story on the subject, Orange County Schools spokesman Michael Gilbert today released a written statement on the matter:

The Orange County Board of Education has agreed to settle the case of Laurie Calder-Green and Emily Roberts v. the Orange County Board of Education, et al.  The Board and the individual defendants emphatically deny any wrongdoing.  However, considering the turmoil this matter has already caused in the school system and the further disruption that a trial would potentially create plus the time away from full attention to their school responsibilities a trial would require of staff, the Board determined that a settlement served the best interest of the school system, especially the students and staff of Cedar Ridge High School.  This settlement, funded in significant part by the Board’s liability carrier, will allow the Board and district personnel to dedicate their time and energy to their primary goal of educating students.

Terms of the settlement include the following:

--Ms. Calder-Green, Ms. Roberts and their attorney will receive $93,000 divided as follows:
$10,000 to Emily Roberts, a portion of which will be subject to tax withholding.
$50,770 to Laurie Calder-Green, a portion of which will be subject to tax withholding. 
$32,230 to the plaintiffs’ attorney. 

--Ms. Calder-Green and Ms. Roberts waive all claims against the school board and its employees.

--Ms. Calder-Green agreed to resign her employment with the school system no later than June 30, 2011.   In compliance with this settlement requirement, Ms. Calder-Green has already resigned as of January 21, 2011 and is no longer employed by Orange County Schools.

--Ms. Calder-Green and Ms. Roberts will not seek employment in the Orange County Schools in the future.

The Board and the individual defendants elected to settle this matter for the sole purpose of avoiding the expense and disruption of litigation to the school system at a time when the system is facing unprecedented budgetary challenges that require focused leadership.

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