Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update on Nash Street sidewalk construction project

Construction is returning to Hillsborough’s Nash Street Sidewalk Project, which still is on track to be completed by this summer.
During the fall and winter, plans were revised and additional funding was approved by the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners to help address utility conflicts identified by the location and age of existing water/sewer lines. The revised plans include installation of new water and sewer pipes and additional stormwater improvements on Nash Street near King and Queen streets and Alma Avenue. Additional funds also were approved for construction inspection and engineering services. The estimated project cost is now $1.4 million.
When the utility and stormwater work is finished, S.T. Wooten Corp. will perform the remaining construction work, which includes establishing the form of the sidewalk, curb and gutter; preparing the sidewalk base; pouring concrete; and restoring driveway entrances, yards and the roadway.

Residents near Hillsborough and Central elementary schools, Hayes Street and sections of Nash Street between Hayes Street and Revere Road have new sidewalk, pipes, catch basins and other devices. The contractor worked to install new water service tie-ins Feb. 19 in the area.
In about two to three weeks, work will be performed on the water main on Nash Street between Corbin Street and Revere Road. About 12 properties will have their water service interrupted while the work is completed. Affected properties will be notified in advance by the contractor. Town staff will conduct water quality testing during the water outage. Any resident with questions or concerns following the outage should contact the Hillsborough Water Treatment Plant at 732-3621.
In the next few weeks, a separate project will replace existing storm drainage near Hayes and Nash streets. A similar project was successful at the intersection of Hayes and Foust streets. Both projects will help collect flows from the Nash Street Sidewalk Project’s curb, gutter and other storm drainage improvements.

The trench work seen at the intersection of Short Street, Revere Road and U.S. 70 are the next sections of sidewalk, curb and gutter. The work at Short Street will build a new handicap ramp.

Asphalt was applied in the trenches on Revere Road in preparation for the remaining concrete sidewalk to be constructed to Short Street. The asphalt work was expected to be completed by Feb. 19.

In addition to the utility and stormwater work under way, a separate project was conducted to grade and install new storm drain pipes at the intersection of Alma Avenue and Daphine Drive. The new improvements seem to have successfully stopped the flooding experienced for almost a decade in back yards on Nash, Alma and Daphine during severe rainstorms. The improvements also should help capture stormwater flows from the new curb, gutter and storm drain improvements on Nash Street and Revere Road.

Fencing adjacent to the new sidewalk on Allison Street is being investigated by the consulting engineer. Town and N.C. Department of Transportation staff also are evaluating the area of Nash and Calvin streets near the increasingly popular Hillsborough Station Center, which houses a mix of old and new businesses next to the historic Bellevue Mill. The town has received complaints of vehicles speeding, causing unsafe pedestrian crossing of the state-owned road. The current sidewalk plans include installation of a new crosswalk. However, review and contact with businesses may identify additional improvements. In the interim, motorists are reminded to please drive carefully in the area and obey posted speed limits.
Regarding another popular destination, the Town Board authorized staff on Feb. 14 to solicit proposals for design and research-related work for Riverwalk Phase II and the Calvin Street connection to Gold Park/Riverwalk Phase I. The effort will help plan for the next phase of this existing recreation and tourist destination. The town will seek grant funds to support Phase II of the Riverwalk project.

The contractor will work on one-half of a driveway entrance at a time. This provides access to half of the entrance while concrete cures on the other half. Property owners/occupants will receive notice of driveway work to help plan accordingly. Because the contractor may need time to connect the existing driveway and new concrete sidewalk, gravel will be added to driveway entrances to help drivers enter and exit. Affected occupants should contact Assistant Town Manager Nicole Ard or the consulting engineers if they have a problem accessing their driveways or if additional stone is needed.

For information on the Nash Street Sidewalk Project, visit the town’s Web site to view an electronic version of the approved plans. The plans are divided into sections by street name. Locate a street on the guide to find the related plan sheet number.
If you have questions or concerns about the project, contact Assistant Town Manager Nicole Ard by e-mail at or phone at 732-1270 Ext. 77 or Public Works Supervisor Ken Hines by e-mail or phone at 732-1270 Ext. 78.
The project engineer is Bobby Downes with Summit Consulting Engineers. He may be contacted at 732-3883 or If he is not available, ask for Engineer Mitch Connell.

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