Thursday, February 3, 2011

Green and gold...or yellow and black?

The moment has come...that time of year when sports fans across the nation hold their breath in collective ecstasy for the beginning of the greatest game of the the opinion of one who hails from the Midwest, anyway.
It's Superbowl time! And it has something for everyone—football for sports-lovers and (supposedly) the best commercials of the year for non-sports-lovers. Now, I'm slightly biased, being a Packers' fan, but Green Bay and Pittsburgh battling it out in Dallas...should be a good game. A classic Superbowl, as I've heard it called.
So now, the million-dollar question: who's going to win? Let's hear what you have to say! My vote's already in on the green and gold, but let's be honest, it's going to be a tightly fought game. May the best team (or the Steelers :-D) win!

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