Thursday, February 23, 2012

Huntington's Disease Society of America hosts hoop-a-thon

We at the Huntington's Disease Society of America, North Carolina Chapter, believe it is important to help families in North Carolina affected by Huntington's Disease, including the children. This year, we are putting on a youth-focused hoop-a-thon on Saturday, Feb. 25, from 8:30 am to noon at Gravelly Hills Middle School in Orange County. Geoff Schwarts of the Carolina Panthers will be participating as a team captain of one of the teams, and we will also be auctioning off a football signed by Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton. All proceeds will be going to the North Carolina Chapter of Huntington's Disease Society of America to help families in North Carolina affected by Huntington's Disease.
Huntington's disease is a genetic disorder which is caused by an expanded gene in a person's DNA. It is is also a neurodegenerative disorder, which means the condition affects the cells of the brain and causes damage over time. This stops the brain and body from working as well as they used to. As a result, people develop symptoms of Huntington's disease. These symptoms can be divided into three main types: involuntary movements, cognitive and behavioural. Currently, there is no cure for Huntington's, and there is a 50 percent chance of it being passed on to offspring. It is fatal. About 10 percent of people diagnosed with Huntington's have a juvenile form, which is much worse than adult onset.

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