Sunday, February 12, 2012

Renee Price to run for county commissioner

I, Renee Price, am excited to announce my decision to run for election to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners.
I will be running for the District 2 seat to represent the people of Hillsborough, Efland and the beautiful rural areas of Orange County—from the southern part of White Cross to the northern tip of Cedar Grove.
Why do I want to spend hours and days in meetings and reading pages of agenda packets? Because I care.
The people of Orange County need a bigger voice and a bolder presence at the table when decisions are made that affect the quality of our lives. All of us have a stake in the process as we proceed to meet the challenges of the day.
Since 1990, Orange County has been my home; the people of this county have become my friends and family; and I am passionate about our community. Therefore, I am ready to push the envelope for:
n excellence in education and opportunities for a broad spectrum of students.
n small business expansion, rural economic development and living-wage jobs.
n stewardship of our natural resources and living environment.
The Republican-dominated legislature slashed our school budgets; yet we still have to maintain public school buildings and rehire our teachers and staff. The bank bailout, though it had good intentions, short-changed the 99 percent; so, this is a time to invest in ourselves, at the local level. And the Eno River is an amazing ecosystem; we have to protect these natural areas from irresponsible development and activities such as roadways and intense land uses that would threaten our water supplies.
My goal is to pursue creative ways and means to boost our local economy, reduce unemployment, combat hunger, inspire our young people, assist our senior citizens and promote energy efficiency. Tourism is one industry that has begun to make a significant impact in Orange County’s revenue stream.
The time is long overdue to use innovation in providing essential services and facilities. We need a progressive agenda while at the same time assuring that our tax revenues are spent wisely.
As we think about new agendas, I believe that we must hold fast to the concept that government is for the people and by the people. The decision-making process in our county currently needs improvement in two areas, and, when elected, I intend to promote:
n collaboration with other local governments—both within and beyond our borders.
n open government, government that is transparent and that responds to the people.
These two elements are key for effective leadership and for building community.
Orange County has much to offer and much of which to be proud—our diverse cultural heritage, a thriving arts community, working farms, value-added production, service organizations, volunteer rural fire departments, health and wellness centers, brilliant minds and talented individuals.
I look forward to working with the members of this community in guiding Orange County on a path to a sustainable future. My campaign is about fiscal accountability and about social, environmental and economic justice for the people of Orange County.

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