Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NCDOT makes improvements to Chapel Hill rail crossing

The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Rail Division has made crossing safety improvements at an intersection in Chapel Hill.
NCDOT revised crossing signals and installed gates at the intersection of Homestead Road and the Norfolk Southern Railroad (NS) tracks. This $212,519 improvement project was paid for with 90 percent federal funds and 10 percent state funds. Maintenance funding for the project will be divided equally between the state and NS.
Two freight trains a day travel through the railroad crossing at a maximum of 10 miles per hour.
This project is a part of a comprehensive statewide NCDOT program to enhance highway safety by adding or improving signals and gates at public railroad crossings. Automatic warning devices are now in place at more than 2,400 of the 4,100 public at-grade crossings across the state.

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  1. Why does it cost so much to put up a railroad crossing? Someone please explain.


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