Saturday, February 4, 2012

Division of Water Quality programs move to new location

Two programs of the state Division of Water Quality have moved their main offices to the state government plaza in downtown Raleigh.
The Aquifer Protection Section and the Infrastructure Finance Section have moved from their previous location on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh to the Archdale Building, where most of the division is located. The physical address for the building is 512 N. Salisbury St.
In addition to the new location, the Infrastructure Finance Section has a new name and a new central number, (919) 707-9160. The section was formerly known as Construction Grants and Loans. The section’s mailing address remains the same: 1633 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1633.
The Infrastructure Finance Section administers state and federal funding programs for publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities infrastructure, stormwater management and other environmentally sustainable, or green, clean water infrastructure. In addition, the section issues sewer extension permits and authorizations for construction. It also issues certification for water pollution structures that qualify for special taxation consideration.
The new central phone number for the Aquifer Protection Section is (919) 807-6464. The mailing address—1636 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1636—remains the same.
The Aquifer Protection Section focuses on the protection and enhancement of the state’s groundwater—the primary source of drinking water for approximately half of North Carolina’s residents. To protect this important resource, the section:
• Implements permitting and compliance for wastewater applied to land, whether it is from municipal, industrial or animal feeding operation treatment systems. Permitting and compliance for wastewater treated for reuse is also regulated by the section.
• Permits the construction injection wells such as those used for home heating and cooling.
• Permits construction of wells for monitoring groundwater quality and for extracting or treating contaminated groundwater.
• Performs groundwater planning and research to better understand the interaction of groundwater and surface water, and groundwater with geological formations. This work helps to better characterize and anticipate potential threats to groundwater and surface water quality and to human health.
Files for the two sections have also moved and are housed in the main file room in the basement of the Archdale Building. Those wishing to do a file review should call the sections’ main numbers for further information.
To learn more about the Division of Water Quality and its work to protect and enhance the state’s surface water and groundwater resources, visit the division’s website at:

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