Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hagan ranks 20th in office funds returned

Politico ranked senators based on the amount of their annual authorized budgets returned in the combined fiscal years 2009 and 2010. Hagan ranked 20th out of 95 Senators in returned money. Hagan returned 14.34 percent, or $890,952, of her budget for those two fiscal years.
For more information, see the rankings online.
Hagan is a co-sponsor of the bipartisan Congressional Budget Accountability Act, which ensures that unspent funds from Senate office budgets will help pay down the national debt or reduce the deficit.
Hagan said of the bill: “Our nation’s mounting federal debt demands bipartisan solutions, which is why I am cosponsoring the Congressional Budget Accountability Act to ensure our unneeded office funds are used to help pay down our national debt. It is imperative that we work together—and my office staff is trying to do its part—to find commonsense solutions to put our fiscal house in order. On my statewide Budget Listening Tour last summer, North Carolinians told me that they wanted Congress to stop the bickering and get to work on balanced, bipartisan measures to lower the deficit and to help put people back to work.”

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